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Crimea had a chance to break with Ukraine – Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Konstantinov

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir KONSTANTINOV admitted that Crimea had a chance to break with Ukraine in the 20th century.

“Autonomy in 90-s went through “the war of sovereignties”. Extremism of certain political forces in Ukraine and Crimea endangered territorial integrity and political unity of the state’, explained Konstantinov during his speech in Brussels on March, 23rd 2011.

Mr. Konstantinov represented Ukrainian officials in The Congress of local and regional authorities held by the Council of Europe.

In 2010 Ukrainian president Viktor YANUKOVICH admitted that central authorities of Ukraine are responsible for constant slowdown of Crimean development which lasts more than 2 years.


(video) Ukrainian navy ship “shot” to Sevastopol during the Shrovetide laser show

Ukrainian navy ship drawn with laser at the walls of Sevastopol youth palace has made the artificial “shot” to Sevastopol during a 7-minutes long show devoted to Shrovetide. The show’s plot was affirmed by Ukrainian state administration of Sevastopol.

Laser show in Sevastopol 10 03 2011

video by Oleg Smirnov

“Ukraine is totally inconceivable in Crimea” – Crimean Supreme council MP Alexandra Kuzel

by Oleg Smirnov

The Crimean Supreme council MP Alexandra KUZEL claimed that “Ukraine is totally inconceivable in Crimea”. She said that in her interview to “Ukrainskaya pravda“.

According to Mrs Kuzel, people in Crimea think this way ‘I will sit without sewerage, without water, without heating, but it’s essential that Russian language and frienship with Russia remains’.

Mrs Kuzel also admitted that the citezens of Sevastopol do not wish to change their mentality.

‘I am telling people in Sevastopol ‘You sing “Sevastopol, Sevastopol, the city of Russian seamen’. Let’s say “Sevastopol is for its citizens, no matter if they are Juw, Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian’ And that it the end. Their eyes fade, hey do not hear me’, explained the politician.

Mrs Kuzel highlighted that she speaks Russian, but she felt herself much more Ukrainian in Crimea then in Ukraine.

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Romanian president interfered in Russia and Ukraine’s internal affaire

Romanian president Traian BASESCU claimed that his country is not satisfyed with the extention of the Russian Black Sea fleet (RBSF ) lease agreement signed by Russia and Ukraine in April 2010.

“We do not feel ourselves comfortable, because Russian troops are deployed along our northen border in Pridnestrovie. We are not happy at all with the fact of extension of Russian agreement about its fleet basing in Sevastopol”, said Mr Basescu in his interview to “Romania Libera” newspaper.

Prior to this, Russia and Ukraine signed and ratifyed the agreement which extended the RBSF lease of military bases in Sevastopol and Crimea up to 2042.

Crimea has been given to Ukraine accidentally – Russian actor Alexei Panin

Popular Russian actor Alexei PANIN expressed his opinion that Crimean peninsula has been given to Ukraine (by Russia – SevastopolNEWS) accidentally at live Ukrainian TV show.

“Savik, tell me, please: it has happened accidentally… It’s not because a Russian Nazi came, but it has just happened so that Crimea was given to Ukraine. Well, it has accidentally happen like that. Accidentally. Let’s be honest’, said Panin appealing to Savik Shooster who hosted the TV show.

“Many Russian politics raise the question of territory”, reacted Mr.Shooster.

“I’m just telling that we are the same people, composed with the stones of history”, resumed Russian actor.

It’s not the first time that Russians and Ukrainians dispute the status of Crimea and Sevastopol.

In August 2010 a pro-western Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andruhovich told Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita“ that Ukraine should consider secession from Crimea and the eastern region of Donbass.

In October 2010 Ukrainian TV journalist Mustapha Naiem wrote in his blog “Sevastopol is not Ukraine” after anchoring a live broadcast from Sevastopol.

In July 2010 the head of Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir KORNILOV said that the status of Sevastopol should be discussed internationally.

In 2008 Yuri Luzkov claimed that Russia will continue contending for the Russian official status of Sevastopol (Crimea). Moscow mayor delivered his speech in the central Nakhimov square in Sevastopol. He was banned from entry to Ukraine since then, but reaffirmed his statement before visiting Sevastopol in 2010.

“Sevastopol, perhaps the most absurd city in the world”

by Peter Hitchens

As Ukrainians force Russians to turn their back on their language and change their names, I ask, is this the world’s most absurd city?

Ukraines eastwest Imagine some future Brussels edict has finally broken up Britain and handed Devon and Cornwall over to rule by Wales.

Imagine the Royal Navy, much shrunk and renamed the English Navy, being told it has to share Plymouth with a new Welsh fleet; that is, if it is allowed to stay there at all.

Picture the scene as cinemas in Plymouth and Exeter are forced to dub all their films into Welsh, while schools teach anti-English history and children are pressed to learn Welsh.

Street signs are in Welsh. TV is in Welsh. Police cars patrolling Dartmoor have ‘Heddlu’ blazoned on them, banks have become ‘bancs’ and taxis ‘tacsis’.

Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall are cut off by a frontier from the rest of England, closing down industries with English links, and people are issued with new identity documents with Welsh names.

Utterly mad and unthinkable, you might say. And you would be right. But something very similar has happened in what used to be the Soviet Union, and we are supposed to think it is a good thing – because Russia is officially a bad country, and its former subject nations are therefore automatically good.

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(photo+video) Ukrainian separatism

Separatism flourishes in the western regions of Ukraine. Some people who live there wish their cities to belong to Poland or Romania. You can even see such labels in Kiev on the independence day of Ukraine.

photo by Andrei Yanitskiy (

This label imitates a sign “UA” that Ukrainian drivers often stick on their cars. Letters “HAL” mean Halichina or Galichina, western separatist regions of Ukraine.

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Lvov city council deputy Yuri Mikhalchishin delivering a nationalistic speech

(in Ukrainian)


Crimea should secede Ukraine – pro-Western Ukrainian writer Andruhovich

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