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“Ukraine is totally inconceivable in Crimea” – Crimean Supreme council MP Alexandra Kuzel

by Oleg Smirnov

The Crimean Supreme council MP Alexandra KUZEL claimed that “Ukraine is totally inconceivable in Crimea”. She said that in her interview to “Ukrainskaya pravda“.

According to Mrs Kuzel, people in Crimea think this way ‘I will sit without sewerage, without water, without heating, but it’s essential that Russian language and frienship with Russia remains’.

Mrs Kuzel also admitted that the citezens of Sevastopol do not wish to change their mentality.

‘I am telling people in Sevastopol ‘You sing “Sevastopol, Sevastopol, the city of Russian seamen’. Let’s say “Sevastopol is for its citizens, no matter if they are Juw, Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian’ And that it the end. Their eyes fade, hey do not hear me’, explained the politician.

Mrs Kuzel highlighted that she speaks Russian, but she felt herself much more Ukrainian in Crimea then in Ukraine.

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