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Rest in Crimea

Crimea advertises itself as a destination for tourism and recreation

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Crimea had a chance to break with Ukraine – Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Konstantinov

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir KONSTANTINOV admitted that Crimea had a chance to break with Ukraine in the 20th century.

“Autonomy in 90-s went through “the war of sovereignties”. Extremism of certain political forces in Ukraine and Crimea endangered territorial integrity and political unity of the state’, explained Konstantinov during his speech in Brussels on March, 23rd 2011.

Mr. Konstantinov represented Ukrainian officials in The Congress of local and regional authorities held by the Council of Europe.

In 2010 Ukrainian president Viktor YANUKOVICH admitted that central authorities of Ukraine are responsible for constant slowdown of Crimean development which lasts more than 2 years.

Crimea has been given to Ukraine accidentally – Russian actor Alexei Panin

Popular Russian actor Alexei PANIN expressed his opinion that Crimean peninsula has been given to Ukraine (by Russia – SevastopolNEWS) accidentally at live Ukrainian TV show.

“Savik, tell me, please: it has happened accidentally… It’s not because a Russian Nazi came, but it has just happened so that Crimea was given to Ukraine. Well, it has accidentally happen like that. Accidentally. Let’s be honest’, said Panin appealing to Savik Shooster who hosted the TV show.

“Many Russian politics raise the question of territory”, reacted Mr.Shooster.

“I’m just telling that we are the same people, composed with the stones of history”, resumed Russian actor.

It’s not the first time that Russians and Ukrainians dispute the status of Crimea and Sevastopol.

In August 2010 a pro-western Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andruhovich told Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita“ that Ukraine should consider secession from Crimea and the eastern region of Donbass.

In October 2010 Ukrainian TV journalist Mustapha Naiem wrote in his blog “Sevastopol is not Ukraine” after anchoring a live broadcast from Sevastopol.

In July 2010 the head of Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir KORNILOV said that the status of Sevastopol should be discussed internationally.

In 2008 Yuri Luzkov claimed that Russia will continue contending for the Russian official status of Sevastopol (Crimea). Moscow mayor delivered his speech in the central Nakhimov square in Sevastopol. He was banned from entry to Ukraine since then, but reaffirmed his statement before visiting Sevastopol in 2010.

Russian Black Sea fleet can save Crimea’s underwater world – RT

by RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky

The high popularity of Crimea’s Yalta Bay among tourists has played a bad trick on the area’s ecosystem. Locals considered different solutions to the problem, but Russia’s Black Sea Fleet seems to be the only anchor.

Professional diver Aleksey Markov has been exploring the depths of the Black Sea in Ukraine’s Crimea for more than three decades. He says the underwater world here is absolutely unique from a scientific point of view. But he’s concerned about a danger that every year is getting worse.

“The peak tourist season brings large-scale pollution to Yalta Bay,” he said. “And the water fails to clean itself. Every year we see fewer fish caught in this part of the Black Sea. I believe Yalta Bay’s ecosystem is in grave danger.”

Markov has considered many different solutions to the problem, but his friend Igor Zorin – a deputy in the Yalta city council – came up with a simple yet hopefully highly effective idea.

“We will ask the Russian Black Sea fleet stationed here to give us several of their old ships,” Zorin stated. “We will sink them and create an artificial reef which will greatly improve Yalta Bay’s ecosystem. This is nothing new – many countries do the same. And for the Russian Fleet this would be good from a financial point of view – instead of paying for the utilization of old vessels, they would simply hand them over to us.”

Zorin says the idea came to him after what was seen as a major policy shift in Kiev. The presidents of Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement to prolong the stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea until 2042.

With the previous administration in Kiev, ships of the Russian Black Sea fleet were unwanted guests in Ukraine’s Crimea and were to leave the area by the year 2017. But after the Kharkov agreement was signed, local authorities say they’re trying to do everything they can so that the fleet stays there for years to come.

Directly after ratification of the pact, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said the fleet needed serious modernization. And now the Crimea is ready to help Moscow with that. Sevastopol’s city council says the Russian naval presence there brings massive investment for the city’s infrastructure. And calls for a refitting of the ships may create jobs for the locals.

“We have an excellent ship yard in the Crimea, which has been abandoned for almost two decades,” said the head of Sevastopol’s city council, Valeriy Saratov. “If Moscow decides to repair its fleet here, we’re ready to offer our facilities and specialists. This would be much cheaper for the Russians and would revive our factory, which was one of the best in the country just several decades ago.”

April’s Kharkov agreement sparked mass opposition protests in Kiev. They described it as a sellout of the country. In Crimea, the mood is very much the opposite. The Russian Black Sea fleet command has yet to respond to the divers’ and officials’ proposals for an artificial reef, but they’ll be glad to see few here can imagine life without the ships anchored at Sevastopol’s docks.

Ukrainian central authorities stopped the development of Crimea – Yanukovich

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich admitted that central authorities of Ukraine are responsible for constant slowdown of Crimean development which lasts more than 2 years.

‘It would be fair to stress that Crimea has stopped developing not because of the lack of appropriate programmes… There has been a problem of its implementation and in impossibility to provide reforms in Crimea without center participation”, – explained Yanukovich in Crimea.

He mentioned that in 2008-2010 Crimea suffered from instability of Ukrainian central power.

Crimea should secede Ukraine – pro-Western Ukrainian writer Andruhovich

A pro-western Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andruhovich believes that Ukraine should consider secession from Crimea and the eastern region of Donbass.

He spoke about that in interview to Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita“.

Andruhovich: We’ve left 20 futile years behind. Ukraine remains the same. That is a bad and demoralizing state.

“Rzeczpospolita”: In your interview to Kiev press you said that the Crimea and Donbass could have seceded Ukraine

Andruhovich: I stand on that. I didn’t say that they necessarily are to secede, I pointed that we should consider such variant.

Prior to this Ukrainian MP Anatoliy Gritsenko declared that he considered Ukraine as an administrative district of Russian Federation.

In 2009 popular Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Naiem stated that “Sevastopol is not Ukraine” after he had anchored a live broadcast from Sevastopol (Crimea) for Ukrainian popular political show “Шустер live”.

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(video) Sevastopol and Crimea belong to Ukraine for unclear reasons – Russian LDPR party

Russian political party LDPR disputes the Ukrainian status of Sevastopol and Crimea in the article “Chesma naval victory” on the party’s official site.

“Due to victories of the Russian navy and army Turkey has been weakened and that allowed to eliminate parasitic Crimean khanate (a kind of vassal state in Crimea – SevastopolNEWS). Since then Crimea has been called the Taurida as Greecs used to call it. Lands close to the Black sea has been reinhabited by Russians (a part of their descendants was called “Ukrainians” in Soviet times). The cities Odessa, Kherson, Sevastopol, Simferopol and many others has been founded. Now they belong for some reasons to a foreign state which didn’t even exist before 1917. Crimean peninsula (Timutarakan, Taurida) poured with Russian blood also belongs to this state for unclear reasons”.

The LDPR article disputing Ukrainian official status of Sevastopol and Crimea was published in a day after Moscow mayor Yuri Luzkov reaffirmed his claim that Sevastopol belongs to Russia.

LDPR chairman Vladimir Zirinovskiy speaking about the status of Sevastopol and Crimea

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