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British company Shanti Capital to invest $200 million in international airport construction in Sevastopol


by “Interfax-Ukraine”

British investment company Shanti Capital Ltd. is ready to invest at least $200 million in the development of Sevastopol infrastructure, in particular, the construction of an international airport on the basis of Belbek Airport, Nikolay Berezin, the director of Shanti Ukraine Ltd. told journalists on Wednesday.“The amount of possible investment would start from $200 million. This is only for the airport, while there are a recreation zone, hotels and other objects [that could receive investment],” he said.

The chairman of Sevastopol City Council, Valeriy Saratov, said that the construction of an international airport would raise the city’s investment attractiveness.

“Under Western European standards, a city with over 300,000 residents without an airport located closer than 40 minutes by road is not interesting to investors. This drawback would be eliminated with the realization of the project,” he said.

“We agreed with our investor that we are to realize the project in the shortest terms. The realization of the project would be possible if it is supported by the city council,” Saratov said.

The operation of Belbek civil airport was resumed on May 30, 2010.

On April 30, 2010, “Dnepravia” airlines said that the company had launched flights from Sevastopol to Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, and Moscow. Later “AeroSvit” airlines said that the company had signed a code-sharing agreement with “Dnepravia” on joint servicing Keiv-Sevastopol and Dnepropetrovsk-Sevastopol flights.

Earlier Vinnitsa regional state council reported Shanti Capital’s interest in the development of the city’s airport. In particular, a potential investor was ready to invest $200 million in building a cargo terminal and a logistics center.

In addition, Shanti Capital plans to attract low-cost air carriers to Vinnitsa, and by doing it to increase the number of passengers passing through the airport to 18.5 million people per year.

Vlad le biker


French popular magazine “Paris Match” published a serie of photos of Russian prime-minister Vladimir Putin driving a bike in Sevastopol, flying, swimming etc. to show how Putin’s bublic image is being made.

Russia is able to provide Crimea with water supply independent from Ukraine in 2 months – Vasserman


Russia is able to provide Crimea with water through new supply system alternative to Ukrainian one in 2 months in case Crimea secedes from Ukraine.Anatoliy Vasserman, a political adviser from Odessa, told that “Russia.Ru” internet TV cannel.

“Ukrainian Nazi while speaking about Crimea to rejoin Russia permanently reply that water supply, mainly from Dnepr, will be cut off in response. As far as I am concerned, the output capacity of those channels is such that it is possible to pass much more powerful water conduits through the Straits of Kerch in 2 months”, explained Vasserman.

Crimea is currently supplied with water from its own rivers and partly with water from the river Dnepr which is often polluted.

Crimea still is not supplied with water from Kuban as the result of political disputes between our countries (Russia and Ukraine – SevastopolNEWS)”, said Vasserman who lives in Moscow most of the year.

In August, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich admitted that central authorities of Ukraine are responsible for constant slowdown of Crimean development which lasts more than 2 years.

(video) Original interview of Anatoliy Vasserman to “”

Sevastopol to attract investments with new regional center


Sevastopol (Crimea) has opened investment center to attract funds for projects aimed at city development.

Investors are proposed to participate in office center construction at Vosstavshih square and rigging of heat pump units in a boiler-house in Kamyshovaya district.

Sevastopol investment center is locater on Lenina street, 19 .

For more details, pls, call:

+38 (0692) 54-05-85

+38 (0692) 54-37-82

or e-mail: sgga@stel.sebastopol.uaUkrainian central authorities stopped the development of Crimea – Yanukovich


Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich admitted that central authorities of Ukraine are responsible for constant slowdown of Crimean development which lasts more than 2 years.

‘It would be fair to stress that Crimea has stopped developing not because of the lack of appropriate programmes… There has been a problem of its implementation and in impossibility to provide reforms in Crimea without center participation”, – explained Yanukovich in Crimea.

He mentioned that in 2008-2010 Crimea suffered from instability of Ukrainian central power.

Crimea should secede Ukraine – pro-Western Ukrainian writer Andruhovich

A pro-western Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andruhovich believes that Ukraine should consider secession from Crimea and the eastern region of Donbass.

He spoke about that in interview to Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita“.

Andruhovich: We’ve left 20 futile years behind. Ukraine remains the same. That is a bad and demoralizing state.

“Rzeczpospolita”: In your interview to Kiev press you said that the Crimea and Donbass could have seceded Ukraine

Andruhovich: I stand on that. I didn’t say that they necessarily are to secede, I pointed that we should consider such variant.

Prior to this Ukrainian MP Anatoliy Gritsenko declared that he considered Ukraine as an administrative district of Russian Federation.

In 2009 popular Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Naiem stated that “Sevastopol is not Ukraine” after he had anchored a live broadcast from Sevastopol (Crimea) for Ukrainian popular political show “Шустер live”.

Sevastopol 143 years ago by Mark Twain


143 years ago (August 1867) Mark Twain visited Sevastopol and 2 years later he described the city in his famous travel book “The Innocents abroad”.

Enjoy that!

Sevastopol 143 years ago by Mark Twain in English

Sevastopol seems to be promoted within the EU structures. Somehow… Perhaps…

28/07/2010 by Oleg Smirnov

A year and 5 months ago Sevastopol signed a joint communique appointing the “EU-Ukraine business council” to represent and promote its interests within the EU Institutions.

EU-UBC declared that it” is deeply appreciative of this great honour to be of assistance to Sevastopol and will act in the interests of the Sevastopol City State Administration to promote initiatives for the economic and social development of the region,  helping to produce a communications and lobbying strategy for Sevastopol with the EU institutions and potential investors.”

Has something changed for Sevastopol since February 28th, 2009?

Well, EU-UBC accounted for John Grogan, Chairman of All Party Parliamentarian Delegation on Ukraine in the House of Commons visit to Sevastopol on the 26th of August  2009.

So what? Has he brought the EU investments to Sevastopol? Why EU-UBC didn’t report about that as an example of their successful work on behalf of Sevastopol?

Status of Sevastopol should be discussed internationally – Kornilov


Status of Sevastopol should be discussed internationally,a well recognized Ukrainian analytic and the head of Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir KORNILOV believes.

«Indeed, Sevastopol requires a special status and this status may probably be discussed not only in Ukraine, but on a level of international agreements, because we don’t need to forget that Sevastopol hosts and during further decades will host naval base of Russian Black sea fleet», he said.

The expert emphasized that special status of Sevastopol still hasn’t been determined despite such requirement of Ukrainian Constitution.

Ukrainian MP Gritsenko considers Ukraine as an administrative district of Russia


Ukrainian MP and head of the National security and defense commitee in parliamnent  Anatoliy Gritsenko considers Ukraine as an administrative district of Russian Federation. He wrote about it in his blog in an article called “South-Western administrative district: a non-stop tour“.

“None of Russian regions has been honored with 10 days tour of patriarch. Only South-Western administrative district of Russia did”, said Gritsenko.

“Kirill travels again to Ukraine in Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev”, he explained the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill’s route.

It’s not the first time Ukrainians state that their country’s territory does belong to Russia. In 2009 popular Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Naiem stated that “Sevastopol is not Ukraine” after he had anchored a live broadcast from Sevastopol (Crimea) for Ukrainian popular political show “Шустер live”.

Putin joins biker fest in Sevastopol


An annual motorbike festival taking place in the city of Sevastopol has seen a surprise visitor. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has turned up, riding a Harley Davidson Trike in front of the participants.

Vladimir Putin looked happy and said he enjoyed sharing his passion for steel and wheels.

Thousands of riders and spectators are camping in the city for two days of two-wheeled action.

This year’s show is being held for the 14th time and is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany and features war-time motorcycles. A commemoration ceremony will also be held to remember the defenders of Sevastopol.

Sevastopol also hosted last year’s gathering, which attracted 5,000 bikers.

St Petersbourg drivers will rally to support “Russian spirit” of Sevastopol


Citizens of St.Petesbourg will set to rally on July 25th, 2010 to support the Russian spirit of Sevastopol citizens. Approximately 40 cars will drive from Kronshtadt to the place of “Avrora” cruiser berth, holding the flags of Russia, Russian navy, SSSR navy, St.Petersbourg and Sevastopol.

“We want to support our compatriots who consider Sevastopol as the city of fame of Russian navy, integral part of Russian history”, the organizers of the rally explained on their site.

Drivers registered special group in popular Russian social network service “В Контакте” (“V kontakte”) to coordinate their actions.

Sevastopol and Crimea belong to Ukraine for unclear reasons – Russian LDPR party


Russian political party LDPR disputes the Ukrainian status of Sevastopol and Crimea in the article “Chesma naval victory” on the party’s offcial site.

“Due to victories of the Russian navy and army Turkey has been weakened and that allowed to eliminate parasitic Crimean khanate (a kind of vassal state in Crimea – SevastopolNEWS). Since then Crimea has been called the Taurida as Greecs used to call it. Lands close to the Black sea has been reinhabited by Russians (a part of their descendants was called “Ukrainians” in Soviet times). The cities Odessa, Kherson, Sevastopol, Simferopol and many others has been founded. Now they belong for some reasons to a foreign state which didn’t even exist before 1917. Crimean peninsula (Timutarakan, Taurida) poured with Russian blood also belongs to this state for unclear reasons”.

The LDPR article disputing Ukrainian official status of Sevastopol and Crimea was published in a day after Moscow mayor Yuri Luzkov reaffirmed his claim that Sevastopol belongs to Russia.

Moscow mayor Yuri Luzkov insists that Sevastopol belongs to Russia


Moscow mayor Yuri Luzkov claimed he did not change his opinion about the status of Sevastopol, “UNIAN” agency reports.

“I made my statement concerning Sevastopol consciously and in a well reasoned way. There is no and will not be any revision of my stand to the status of Sevastopol”, Luzkov said.

Luzkov made his statement on a press-conference in Moscow on July 19th, 2010.

In 2008 Yuri Luzkov claimed that Russia will continue contending for the Russian official status of Sevastopol (Crimea). Moscow mayor delivered his speech in the central Nakhimov square in Sevastopol. He was banned from entry to Ukraine since then till 2010.

Sevastopol is a nice city – international travelers family


German photographer Thomas Alboth and his wife Polish journalist Anna have written about Sevastopol and Balaklava (region of the city) after having visited the city during a six months long trip from Berlin (Germany) to Tiflis (Georgia).  You can find photos and articles in “The family without borders” blog –

“Yandex” shooted 400 km of streets in Sevastopol for e-panoramas


“” search engine has shooted 400 km of streets in Sevastopol on July 9-13th, 2010 for making 3D panoramas.  3d street view will be available by autumn 2010 on “Yandex” maps page (

The company is currently making panoramic views of Ukrainian cities Harkov, Donetsk and Crimean capital Simferopol.

Prior to this, “Yandex” has launched 3d streets view of Moscow, St Petersbourg, Vyborg, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Nizniy Novgorod, Samara, Kazan, Cheliabinsk and Kiev.

Another example of a bias article of US journalist about Sevastopol

“The Sevastopol agreement, by contrast, is based much more on implicit threats and partisan political differences.  In other words, the Sevastopol agreement, while definitely a win for hardball Russian foreign policy, does not and cannot create or signify a long-term alliance akin to the U.S.-Japan relationship…”

Read more of the bias article “A Tale of Two Bases: The Future of Okinawa and Sevastopol” –

Council of Europe recommends Ukraine to better protect Russian language


The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers adopted the first report on the application of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Ukraine. The report has been drawn up by a committee of independent experts, which monitors the application of the Charter.

On the basis of this report, the Council of Europe urges Ukraine to improve the situation of minority languages in the field of education, notably by securing the right to receive education in minority languages.

Furthermore, the Council of Europe calls on Ukraine to modify the existing threshold for the official use of minority languages in local and regional administration. It also recommends the authorities to ensure that quotas for broadcast programmes in TV and radio, as well as the requirement to dub and subtitle all foreign films into Ukrainian, are not detrimental to broadcasting in minority languages.

Ukraine should also take effective measures to protect and promote the Karaim and Krimchak languages which are in danger of extinction.

In general, the Council of Europe stressed that the level of protection and promotion of minority languages existing prior to ratification of the Charter should be maintained.

NATO frigate “Jean de Vienne” (France) to enter Sevastopol port


by Oleg Smirnov

French frigate “Jean de Vienne” to enter Sevastopol (Crimea) port on July 13th, 2010 and stay there for 3 days.

According to the French embassy in Ukraine, the frigate will accept local visitors during 3 hours on July 15th from 2 p.m. (GMT+3).

Members of the crew will honor the defenders of Sevastopol from Nazi and visit French memorial cemetery on Bastille Day which is celebrated in France on July 14th.

“Jean de Vienne” is aimed to anti-submarine fight. Its crew consists of 230 sailors. The frigate is based in Tulon.

Russian language status is disputed in Sevastopol court


by Oleg Smirnov

Leninskiy district court of Sevastopol has cancelled a decision by local city council to vest Russian language with regional status. The decision had been taken on April 26th, 2006 to allow the use of Russian language instead of Ukrainian in official communications in the city.

Sevastopol city council is going to lodge an appeal.

The overwhelming majority of Sevastopol citizens speaks Russian.

More – “Russian speaking Ukraine” expects strikes at schools

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