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Crimea has been given to Ukraine accidentally – Russian actor Alexei Panin

Popular Russian actor Alexei PANIN expressed his opinion that Crimean peninsula has been given to Ukraine (by Russia – SevastopolNEWS) accidentally at live Ukrainian TV show.

“Savik, tell me, please: it has happened accidentally… It’s not because a Russian Nazi came, but it has just happened so that Crimea was given to Ukraine. Well, it has accidentally happen like that. Accidentally. Let’s be honest’, said Panin appealing to Savik Shooster who hosted the TV show.

“Many Russian politics raise the question of territory”, reacted Mr.Shooster.

“I’m just telling that we are the same people, composed with the stones of history”, resumed Russian actor.

It’s not the first time that Russians and Ukrainians dispute the status of Crimea and Sevastopol.

In August 2010 a pro-western Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andruhovich told Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita“ that Ukraine should consider secession from Crimea and the eastern region of Donbass.

In October 2010 Ukrainian TV journalist Mustapha Naiem wrote in his blog “Sevastopol is not Ukraine” after anchoring a live broadcast from Sevastopol.

In July 2010 the head of Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir KORNILOV said that the status of Sevastopol should be discussed internationally.

In 2008 Yuri Luzkov claimed that Russia will continue contending for the Russian official status of Sevastopol (Crimea). Moscow mayor delivered his speech in the central Nakhimov square in Sevastopol. He was banned from entry to Ukraine since then, but reaffirmed his statement before visiting Sevastopol in 2010.

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