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Journalists of “Sevastopolskaya gazeta” meet Hampton mayor in US

Journalists of “Sevastopolskaya gazeta” met with Hampton Mayor Molly Joseph Ward in Virginia (United States) on November, 9th 2010.

Molly Joseph Ward described the meeting in her Mayor’s blog:

“The two reporters and a photographer were accompanied by a guide and a translator.

They were focused on the basics and asked me questions about how the city works, and who runs the city.  They were very interested in our city manager form of government.

They were also interested in the fiscal challenges facing municipalities with a particular focus on the transition of Fort Monroe.  They understood the BRAC process concept as Sevastopol has recently faced a similar situation with the threat of the city losing the presence of the Russian Navy. Sevastopol has been the base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet for decades going back to the Soviet Union (as well as the source of territorial disputes between the two countries). It’s also a major contributor to the local economy”.

According to Daily Press correspondent David Macaulay’s blog, Sevastopol journalists were “amazed that such a senior official would have given them the time of day”.

The journalists of “Sevastopolskaya gazeta” will be visiting the newsrooms of the Virginia Gazette and the Daily Press.

They are part of a program sponsored by IREX, a US-based non-profit organization that deals with media in developing countries around the world.

Journalists of “Sevastopolskaya gazeta” meet Hampton mayor

Journalists of “Sevastopolskaya gazeta” visit the Daily press

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