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French look at Sevastopol

French media cruise mapOleg Smirnov

French journalists Jean-Arnault Derens and Laurent Geslin, representing RFI and “Monde diplomatique“, published their article about modern Ukraine.

Sevastopol was one of four places in the country Frenchmen visited during an on-board cruise from Venice to the Black sea.  Being in Sevastopol the reporters asked me for interview and additional consultations about the city. I had a privilege to be referred at in the blog of that fascinating journalistic voyage.

I consider this story as a balanced and accurate one, but still it represents French views on us. How far do you agree or disagree with image of Sevastopol drawn by French mainstream media journalists?

Your comments are welcome.

Oleg Smirnov


More on that topic: “Russian navy stays anchored in Ukraine” – France 24

Is the Russian fleet a threat to Ukraine?” by AFP

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